Big Sky Youth Empowerment is not counseling.  It's not a punishment.  It's not grown ups telling you how to live your life. BYEP is a second family where people accept you for you. BYEP helps you create change in your own life.  For the past 17 years, teenagers like you have courageously submitted applications for enrollment in BYEP. 



At Big Sky Youth Empowerment, you'll be getting outside so you can grow inside. Every Sunday in the fall and winter, and on weekdays in the summer, we go on adventures. You'll get all your own gear and learn how to ski, snowboard, climb, whitewater raft, garden, paddleboard, hike, backpack, and so much more.


Life Skills

BYEP is more than just our adventures. When you're in BYEP, you'll get a chance to have weekly workshops, one night a week. These workshops will teach you stress coping mechanisms and things to help make you a more confident person. But we'll also teach you life skills like resume building, interviewing skills, financial literacy, and a whole bunch more.



Support. It's what you'll have at BYEP. You'll be in a group with people a whole lot like yourself, and you'll make the best friends you could dream of. Along with that, you'll be paired with program managers and mentors who will be dedicated to seeing you grow, learn, and appreciate yourself each and every day.

Questions? Email our Program Director Katie DiBerardinis or, give us a call at 406.551.9660