Andy Irons Movie Tickets - Kissed by God

Our amazing supporters at Montana Ale Works would like to purchase tickets for any BYEP participants that would like to attend the upcoming screening of Kissed by God - the compelling story of Andy Irons on May 31st at Gallatin Valley Cinema. This is an uplifting and bracing documentary of Andy Irons, surf champion, who died of an accidental overdose in 2011 at the age of 32. He had long suffered from diagnosed (but untreated) bi-polar disease, struggled with a learning disability, and then self-medicated with recreational drugs which led to an opioid addiction. All that, and he was still one of the most radical and beloved surf champions in history.

This is a non-BYEP sponsored event, so kids are required to have their own transportation and supervision. This documentary is Rated R, so parent or guardian supervision for those under the age of 17 is required by the theater. If your son or daughter is interested, they need to let their Program Manager know and we'll get them a ticket. Questions? Email

Andy Iron Kissed by God.jpg