Approach: Nurturing through Nature

One of the things we love most about summer at BYEP are all of the opportunities we get to go outside! Recent studies suggest that spending time in nature builds confidence, promotes imagination, teaches responsibility, provides alternative stimulation, reduces stress, AND gets us moving! What’s not to love?


Equestrian Education at Windhorse

High Ropes Course at Mountain Sky Guest Ranch

BYEP is Growing! Welcome to the Team!

Our New Executive Director - Robin Hill!

Robin is a true local…not only did he grow up in Bozeman, he used to be a Program Manager! Something we’ve always loved about Robin is his ability to be inclusive. Robin wants to hear the voices of every individual and that reflects in the way he leads. For a truly kind interaction go say hi to Robin, he has an open door policy and is dying to meet you. Connect at

Our new Program Director - Sarah Lawrence!

Sarah has spent the last 15 years working with adolescents and families. She recently relocated to Bozeman after a stint in Vermont and is happy to be reunited with her community (and the mountains). It comes as no surprise that Sarah is full of passion; she thrives outdoors and loves it most when she can share it with others. Connect at