Approach: Exploring Trust with BYEP

Trust with Animals

Approach groups had the opportunity to attend Windhorse Equine Learning this week. Windhorse has been an incredible community partner to BYEP! They provide BYEP participants to engage in a 3-part series that allows individuals to explore & learn about the care, anatomy & therapeutic benefits of horses.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Windhorse Equine Learning!

This week Approach 9 groups focused on trust. Participants engaged in group trust activities called “Group Sit & Trust” and “Rush Hour Traffic”. Groups also watched a short video about trust by Brene Brown and discussed how we and others can gain and lose trust in our lives. 

Trust is like a Marble Jar…

This week, Approach 10 groups focused on finding direction. Groups engaged in mindfulness activities. They also drew their values, desires, and things that are preventing them from achieving those desires in an activity called “Manifesting Motion”. Participants discussed the "achievability" of their desires and the things that are holding them back.

During adventure, BYEP partnered with Mountain Air Dance. Approach 10 groups experienced life from a different perspective as they flew in the air via aerial silks.

Check it out…

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