Approach: Finding our beat


There were a lot of smiling faces on Sunday (much like this one)! After a week of blizzards, we can’t wait to head back up to the mountain! If your participant has any gear needs, make sure they get in touch with your Program Manager.


Meanwhile back at BYEP headquarters (HQ), groups have been norming and forming. Being in a BYEP group is comparable to belonging to a community. For the first few weeks we lead members in fun icebreakers, discuss expectations, try challenging teamwork initiatives, and introduce self-reflection. Through these exercises members experience connection and gain clarity on how to work well together.


Pictured: two members playing a BYEP classic, Ninja Tap. The object of the game is to avoid having your hand tapped and be the last ninja standing (it’s also a great time to show off your sweet moves).

8th-grade groups also played lily pad maze and hot seat, while 9th-graders got reacquainted playing an all time favorite, hot seat.


Hello, World!

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