Approach: Teamwork makes the Dreamwork


…Last week in the world of approach…

8th-grade groups continue to develop as members learn about each other interpersonally. Last week members reflected in their journals; “what is one thing you could share with your group that would help them get to know you better?” Individuals shared their journal entries and closed workshop with a few rounds of, “All my Homies”. This BYEP fav is a great way to invite connection and shed light on members shared experiences. It’s also incredibly fun and is known to spark laughter fits.

Meanwhile 9th-grade groups tried a different approach to checking-in. Rather than sharing a play-by-play of what happened in their week, members were challenged to think abstractly using chiji cards. Forty-eight cards with different images were spread out amongst the group, members were instructed to pick an image that best represented a time in their week where they…..

  1. Felt Grateful

  2. Felt Frustrated

  3. Practiced Self-Care

  4. Felt happiness

Here’s a few smiley pics from last weekend :)


Hello, World!


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