Approach: Week Seven Recap


Communication Part II.

Groups continued to explore communication, with an emphasis on effective approaches. The first challenge of the evening was getting each other through a ‘minefield’ using primarily non-verbal communication. Afterwards groups watched a short ted talk called, “Avoid, Avoid, Conflict.” In the clip, David Thornsen drives home these four points:

  1. Avoidance leads to internalization

  2. Internalization chips away at a persons sense of self and leads to resentment

  3. In order for a conflict to be resolved there must be a compromise

  4. Prioritize honesty over fear of reaction

The final challenge of the evening was practicing assertive communication through “I feel…” statements. “I” statements demonstrate a willingness to take responsibility for ones own perceptions and feelings whereas “you” statements imply that the listener is personally responsible. These simple reframes create a safer environment for both parties to be vulnerable and create space for connection.


Sunday, March 10th 8th-graders are heading up to Crosscut Ranch to try their hand at cross-country skiing (see program calendar for further details).


Mind-Body Connection

Is the powerful connection between mental and physical health. Emotions like anger, fear, guilt, anxiety, sadness, resentment, jealousy, depression, and stress can manifest within the body and contribute to imbalance in our lives. For example, anxiety—> stress hormones —> compromised immune system (you know the rest). The first step in exploring mind-body connection is to simply notice. Members were led in a guided body scan where their only role was to observe any sensations that came up. The second step was to identify the sensations, did they feel warmth, soreness, sharpness, floaty? Members were given a blank silhouette and asked to pick a color that represents each emotion (sadness, happiness, fear, anger, love, anxious, guilty, scared, nervous, confused, frustrated, confident, embarrassed, mischievous, disgusted, depressed, overwhelmed, jealous, and shy); and color where they experience that emotion in their body.