Approach: Week Eight Recap

…Nothing brings us more JOY than being outside on a sunny day …

8th-Grade: Trust

Trust is essential in group work; it creates safety, cohesion, and teaches valuable lessons about communication. 8th-graders began their exploration of this concept by focusing their energy on building it. The first challenge of the evening was inspired by a video, “how to connect with anyone” (check it out below). After watching, group members paired up to see how long they could hold eye contact with one another- (it’s much harder than you’d think!) Next, we added movement, members engaged in a classic trust building activity; wind in the willows, followed by a blindfolded trust walk, and human ladder. As the evening built on itself members were asked to consider… 

What is the difference between emotional trust and physical trust? 

How is being blindfolded comparable to sharing a secret with a new friend for the first time? 

How is trust created in a relationship?

9th-Grade: Suicide

Being a teenager is hard, heck, being a human is hard! In our developing years we experience things such as, heartbreak, betrayal, and failure for the first time. Without the necessary support and coping skills, these feelings can leave us feeling lost and helpless. Psychologist, John Somers-Flanagan sheds light on a new concept, what if suicide ideation is not about death, but rather an escape from unbearable distress? The point being that we all respond to distress in different ways and its important to be compassionate when meeting someone in their shame. The overall goal of the workshop was to normalize the conversation, give members the opportunity to ask questions, and help them identify helpful coping skills for those tougher than tough days.