Approach: Building Wholesome Relationships

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8th-Grade: Trust Pt. 2

Building off last week, groups continued to explore the process of building and receiving trust. Members were encouraged to think introspectively about how they’ve developed trust from childhood to the present and how it’s applicable to their BYEP group. Groups pulled out their markers and made a list of all the ways they’ve learned to trust each other. Some of their ideas included:

  • Showing up physically and emotionally

  • Sharing true, and honest feelings

  • Communicating and staying true to our word

  • Listening and being respectful towards one another

It was agreed by all that we often think trust is built by grand gestures, but trust is typically built with simplicity and small actions such as, showing up to workshop, noticing when someone needs a hug, participating in activities, & giving shout outs. This quote from Brené Brown sums up our thoughts nicely, “Trust is like a marble jar. You share those hard stories and those hard things that are happening to you with friends who over time you’ve filled up their marble jar. They’ve done thing after thing after thing where you know you can trust this person.”

9th-Grade: Conflict Resolution

BYEP groups are comparable to mini communities; they have their own idiosyncrasies, values, conducts, and expectations. With any community of people it is to be expected that conflict will arise. Last week groups laid down framework on how to address conflict and learned a new approach to communicating hard feelings: complaint, feeling, request. While conflict often involves another person it’s also something we experience internally. Members blew up balloons, each one representing a conflict or emotion they are struggling to process. In small groups members shared their balloons, brainstormed new ways to deal with their challenge, and popped their balloon when they felt ready to let go.