Approach: Week of 10/1/2018


9th Grade: Last week BYEP's 9th graders explored the theme of Coping Through Self-Expression.  During workshop we discussed the metaphorical masks that we all wear as well as the rewards of challenging ourselves to seek more authenticity.  For adventure we went to Spire Climbing Center, where participants got practice their skills climbing and supporting each other on belay.

- Brian Koch, Program Manager

10th Grade: This past week in workshops we talked about Identity: specifically how we present ourselves to the world versus how we're actually feeling deep down. We also explored our groups unique identity- what we value as a group, and what we want to cultivate as a group moving forward into Crux. 

For this week's adventure, we went to Gangbuster's Pottery where Ryan Mitchell, a past mentor, led our groups in a really fun crash course in ceramics. We all got to craft our own unique creations. Later this fall, we're going back to glaze them!

- Ellie Shattuck, Program Manager

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