Approach: Week of November 5th

For our 9th grade BYEP groups last week the theme was Patterns in Nature and Self.  During workshop we completed an activity where we found patterns in nature and related them to our own lives.  We also participated in an introspective activity called Inside I'm Noticing... Outside I'm Noticing.  For adventure this past weekend we visited the Escape Room, where failure paired with a growth mindset = success!

Last week 10th graders moving up into Crux wrote their Letters of Intent for the second half of their BYEP journey. Artists-in-training, they painted and glazed their unique Pottery creations at Gangbusters for Sunday's adventure. We also had a chance to practice our gratitude by way of making phone calls to past donors of BYEP. Kids spoke to their experience on how BYEP has impacted their lives and connected with some adults in the community that are passionate about what we do.

Thanksgiving Celebration this Sunday for kids and mentors!

Please send a side dish to share.  

Katie DiBerardinisComment