Approach: Week of October 29th

Last week our 9th grade BYEP groups focused on Gratitude.  During workshop we visited Fork and Spoon, a "pay what you can" restaurant where we volunteered serving, bussing, and plating food for the evening.  For adventure this past weekend two of our groups went rock climbing at Spire, while a third group participated in our final weekend of equine therapy at Silver Brand Ranch.

10th graders focused on group identity and self-awareness. As groups move from Approach to Crux, it is important that they feel connected. Rather than focusing on, “I am”, participants reflected on, “We are”. For adventure we had the opportunity to create some Lino Printing at the Emerson Cultural Center for another creative expression outlet.

No Tutoring Tuesday, November 13th due to a Board Meeting or the week of Thanksgiving.

Katie DiBerardinisComment