Approach: Week of October 8th

9th Grade Update:

Last week BYEP's 9th graders explored Tools for Identifying Emotions.  During workshop we completed an activity called Face Your Emotions, in which participants respond to scenarios by circling emojis that correspond to their own reactions.  For adventure two groups enjoyed ice skating at Hanes Pavilion, while one other group participated in equine therapy at Silver Brand Ranch with super-BYEP-partner Windhorse Equine Learning.

10th Grade Update:

10th graders at BYEP explored our unique identities through self-expression with some fun creative writing exercises. On Tuesday, we had Donors Night where one group got to plan and deliver a mini-workshop experience for some of our amazing donors. On Wednesday, we had a recent MSU graduate come and share about her study abroad experience in Malaysia, and we had discussion around why it's important to learn about cultures different from our own.

Sunday's adventure kicked off our art series with the Emerson Arts & Culture Center. The kids crafted their own handmade copper jewelry pieces and learned how to create some fun, intricate braid and beading designs.

Katie DiBerardinisComment