Approach: Healthy Humans

Smiling for Spring!


—Suicide Awareness —

Being a teenager is hard, heck, being a human is hard! In our developing years we experience things such as, heartbreak, betrayal, and failure for the first time. Without the necessary support and coping skills, these feelings can leave us feeling lost and helpless. Psychologist, John Somers-Flanagan sheds light on a new concept, what if suicide ideation is not about death, but rather an escape from unbearable distress? The point being that we all respond to distress in different ways and its important to be compassionate when meeting someone in their shame. Through interactive initiatives groups explored reasons why someone may have suicidal thoughts, debunked common myths, and learned about resources in the community they could go to for help. Here are a few of the talking points participants covered:

  • Who is at risk?

  • What are warning signs?

  • What is depression?

  • What is situational sadness?

  • How do you get help or help someone with suicide and depression?


—Healthy Relationships —

The need for human connection appears to be innate, but the ability to form healthy, loving relationships is learned. Last week groups dug into the nature of healthy and unhealthy relationships with a focus on power, control, trust, and equality. Members kicked off workshop by making up their “perfect partner” beyond appearance we asked participants to consider what qualities this person would have and how they would like to be treated. Following groups were led through an activity where they had to sort though behaviors/actions and decide if they were healthy or unhealthy. Some of the scenarios included:

  • Acts controlling or possessive

  • Frequently criticizes the others friends or family

  • Have privacy- letters, phone, diary

  • Tell the other how to dress

  • Encourage each other’s interests

You can’t discuss healthy relationships without highlighting the importance of consent. If you haven’t seen “Consent as Tea” it’s worth the watch!