Climbing To New Heights!


As school winds down for the year our BYEP participants have been busy kicking off their summer. Last weekend the entire Approach program spent time at Spire Climbing Center pushing and pulling themselves up new routes. On top of the individual challenges of climbing, participants worked on communication, teamwork, and trust by learning to belay each other and offering support in tackling difficult climbs. 


Back at the office, last week the 10th graders had conversations about mind-altering substances. Dr. Ed Dunbar from Montana State University visited BYEP to talk about the science behind drugs and alcohol, as well as facilitate meaningful conversations within the groups. 

The 9th grade participants begin their summer long discussion on identity and the journey of understanding ourselves. The focal point of the workshop was discussing labels, and how the ways in which we label ourselves and others label us affect the way we interact with the world. 

Spring Run Off!

Last Friday BYEP held it's annual fundraiser at MSU. Thanks to the support of the community, hard work of employees and mentors, and presence of BYEP participants we raised more money than ever before ensuring the ability to continue to improve and expand BYEP as a program. 


SRO copy.jpg


To our participants and our donors for making BYEP such an amazing place.


Just a reminder, there is no adventure this weekend, and next week marks the start of our summer schedule. Be sure to check your program calendar as the meeting times shift weekly. Thanks for reading, and we will see you next week!