Field Trip!

Last week was a short one at BYEP as all of our participants finished up another school year. Congrats to both the soon-to-be freshmen on closing the chapter on middle school and the 10th graders for completing their first year of high school!


On Wednesday and Thursday last week the Freshman piled into BYEP rigs to visit BridgerCare's new facility and talk about sexual health. Our community is incredibly lucky to have such an amazing resource for teens and adults alike in regards to education about health issues.


As the 10th graders wrap up their freshman year of high school, they begin to look ahead to their futures. This week they discussed Critical Decision Making. Whether they are at school, BYEP, or journeying through the rest of their lives as they quickly grow into young adults, we hope to help each participant make healthy decisions in his or her own best interest. 

That's a wrap for this week, thanks for reading. Moving forward, BYEP plans to be spending as much time outside as possible throughout the rest of the summer, which means lots of great adventures and photos coming your way in the weeks to come!