Going Green

Welcome Back!

Before our break last week all eight of our Approach groups visited Montana Outdoor Science School(MOSS) and Drinking Horse Mountain to engage in an environmental stewardship adventure and workshop. Everyday we started out by meeting a few extraordinary friends in the MOSS student center.  Most of the participants made new friends with a corn snake and a bearded dragon during a very entertaining morning.


After our photo session inside, we headed out to the stream to talk about the natural world around us. Participants learned about water quality, watersheds, and how the health of a stream can be indicative of the general health of the local habitat. All of the groups harvested insects from the water and discussed how the presence of certain species can tell us a story of the health of the creek. After the science lesson, the groups continued to the top of Drinking Horse to visualize the difference in watersheds and how the natural cycle takes place. 

We hope everyone had a great 4th of July, its hard to believe that there is only one month left of our summer session. Check back next week to check out pictures of everyone rafting!