Happy 4th of July!


Rock and Rolling!

As the rain continues to fall our plans continue to shift each week while we wait for the more continuous sunny days typical of Bozeman summers. Last week we had planned a trip to Mountain Sky Guest Ranch with the 10th graders to participate in some high ropes course activities. After thunderstorms once again rolled into the Gallatin Valley Monday morning, we shifted our attention toward the Museum of the Rockies to explore recent and distant histories. Participants learned about dinosaurs, guitars and music, historical Montana, and outer space through the Taylor Planetarium. 

In workshops participants focused their energy inward through a self-reflection themed workshop. The sophomores journeyed through nature to find ways in which their surroundings represented and connected them to themselves. 

Heading West!

The freshman continued to explore the natural world around them during their fist summer together as a BYEP group. This week, we headed west toward Butte to explore the Ringing Rocks of Pipestone. After a rainy spring it was nice to enjoy some sunshine, as well as the natural awe-inspiring and unique geological formations in our backyard. 

After enjoying some much needed vitamin D, our groups transitioned into their first workshop around mind-altering substances at BYEP. Although much of BYEP is about having fun and connecting with each other, its also about preparing ourselves for the future. As high school is just around the corner BYEP strives to create an environment in which we address any possible issues our participants will encounter over the next few years of their lives. 


Just a reminder that there will be no BYEP programming next week in celebration of The 4th of July. Please have a safe and fun holiday!