Spring Run Off - Kids Needed!

This Friday, June 1st BYEP is holding it's annual fundraiser called Spring Run Off. It's a live and silent auction with the proceeds going directly to BYEP. In this one evening BYEP makes a large percentage of the money it takes to fund the BYEP experience year round. Every year we ask for our participants to join us during the opening hours to help greet our donors. If your participant is able to make it, we ask that they be dropped off at the MSU Sub at 4:30pm and be picked up in the same place at 7:00pm. Any participant who is attending must wear a BYEP t-shirt. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to your participants Program Manager or Greg, our Operations Manager at greg@byep.org - 406-210-0417. 

***Though there will be alcohol present at the event, participants will not be allowed in the areas where alcohol is present and will be leaving before most of the event takes place. Participants will also be fed while in attendance.***

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