The Masks We Wear...


Tools for identifying emotions. Identity and self-expression. Our Approach kids spent a busy week exploring outside...and in. 


A Sneak Peak into 10th Grade: Identity & Self Expression: 

Why do people wear masks? Think about masks both literally and figuratively. Sometimes people wear masks to hide their feelings or to pretend to be something they are not; at other times people wear masks to emphasize a particular facet of their personalities.


The Masks You Live In:

Miss Representation:

Possible Processing Questions:

  1. How much media do you (and your family) consume in a day & what is this media telling you about what it means to be a boy (man) or girl (woman)?

  2. As a community what can we do to change the way women and men are portrayed throughout our culture?

  3. Talk about the differences that exist regarding ‘who’ you portray to the world vs. how you actually feel inside.

  4. Reality TV portrays women as catty, manipulative, vindictive, and on display for male judgment and objectification.

  5. Through media and advertising, boys get the message that they should be violent, in control, unemotional, and that women should be treated like objects and second class citizens.

  6. Does Media ever have a positive influence?

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