Tutoring Begins October 9th


We are excited to announce that our optional tutoring program will begin Tuesday, October 9th at BYEP HQ. In partnership with Montana State University students, we will offer a quiet space for your child to bring materials and get some extra help on homework or studying. We send out text reminders to your child’s phone on file on Monday and Wednesday nights. If interested, they’ll reply yes, they would like to join tutoring and we’ll pick them up in our BYEP rigs. You’ll get a call within 24 hours if your child commits to tutoring but does not attend. Tutoring runs Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00 - 7:00 through December 6th.

The tutoring program is overseen by our BYEP Tutoring Supervisor (MSU Intern Extraordinaire) Bennet Kern.

Bennett hails from the Community Health Program at MSU and is super committed to BYEP and all of the great happenings here. He’s already been in workshops meeting your amazing kids, and can’t wait to get started. Bennett can be reached at bennett@byep.org or you can call Katie, his supervisor at 406-551-9660.


Bennett Kern

a.k.a. Super Tutor

Katie DiBerardinisComment