Welcome Back!


Hi all!

BYEP is excited to welcome back participants and families for our Fall 2018 session. As we wrap up our first week of workshops, it’s been wonderful to have our halls exploding with laughter, smiles, and energy.

We have some exciting adventures lined up for this fall. We will be exploring caverns, mountain biking, rock climbing, making pottery, working with horses and more. Being that we have all these amazing opportunities, our schedule will shift from week to week on Sundays. Just a reminder that you can always find our pick up and and drop off times online at https://www.byep.org/programcalendar. It’s also important that all of your paperwork is submitted by next week to ensure that participants are able to partake in adventures. If you still need access to waivers, please contact your Program Manager.

As always, we look forward to working together this fall!

Katie DiBerardinisComment