Winter Recap!

As winter slowly melts away (or NOT!) here's a quick recap of what we've been up to over the past several months. 

On top of our typical but always rad weekly trips to Big Sky we've had a chance to snowboard with the entire RIDE Snowboard pro team, make a trip to the skating rink which involved a ton of smiles (and some sore bodies), as well as take our skiing skills to the flatter lands of nordic tracks.

Approach Skating Cover.jpg

In Workshops........

As our new 8th graders are closing in on the end of their first session at BYEP they continue to focus on group norming and understanding what it means to be a BYEPer. Through continued teamwork initiatives as well as growing in their ability to support each other through workshops and at the ski hill they are laying the foundation for a successful BYEP journey. 

The 9th grade crew has been focusing on expanding their interpersonal skills by participating in workshops with curriculum based in communication, conflict resolution, and self-expression as they are nearing a year and a half of their BYEP experience. 


As winter turns to spring this session is flying by at BYEP! We only have a week and a half of programming left. This Sunday, April 8th is our final adventure. All participants are encouraged to dress up in celebration of a great season! Also remember to check out the last post about an amazing summer opportunity with Montana Conservation Core.