12th Grade Save the Date!


Contemplating...anticipating...reflecting. 16 graduates are preparing to close the chapter on their BYEP Crux experience. Seniors were introduced to Tad Bradley, local architect and glass magician. Tad will be helping our seniors create a final project representative of their time in BYEP. Save the Date for Crux Graduation! December 10th at 1:00 at the Baxter Hotel.

A Peak Into the 11th Grade Lesson: Guilt vs. Shame vs. Blame...

Who, What, How: Take 3 large sheets of paper and write Guilt, Blame, Shame on top. Then write each of these questions on the sheets: 1. Who does it affect? 2. How do you show it, feel it, act it out? 3. What makes it better or worse? Hang these on the wall for group to identify each of the emotions in themselves and how they personally answer the questions. As an example, complete the activity using the emotion of anger. Allow participants to wander around for 10 minutes and complete the answers for each question on each sheet. Discuss the outcomes.

  1. How many of our answers are the same?

  2. If we know this about ourselves, how do we take control of our emotions and respond rationally? 

  3. According to the answers to the check in question, how can we address the feeling of guilt and what action do we need to take moving forward to repair the damage? 

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