Big Sky Community Gardens + Touch the Sky

Welcome back, we hope everyone had a great 4th of July. As summer flies by we only have one month left of our session. Before our break our Crux participants headed into the mountains on two different tracks.

11th Grade

Our 11th grade participants brought their helping hands and hours of service experience from this summer up to the Big Sky community to participate in a community weed pull. The Big Sky Community Organization collaborated with the juniors to support the community that hosts BYEP all winter long. 

While up at Big Sky, the groups trekked to the iconic Ousel Falls. During their journey, they took time to participate in one on one check-ins with each other and mentors. The group also all took a minute within their check-ins to connect with the natural world around them highlighting the reasons why we take the time to take care of our communities. 


12th Grade

Our seniors spent their last day ever climbing outdoors with BYEP in Hyalite Canyon. After a short but steep hike up to the Bozeman climbing classic Practice Rock, participants enjoyed some sunshine and each others company while supporting and pushing each other up the side of a mountain one last time.

The workshop theme directly related to climbing in talking about confidence. Participants discussed how pushing yourself outside of your limits, working at something that is frustrating or challenging, and learning to push through setbacks helps to build confidence. In check-in, the seniors also shared things that were perhaps prohibiting them from moving forward and how they can support each other in moving past that challenge as they look to their futures. 


Parents of senior participants; before we confirm the overnight adventure we need the overnight waiver signed by participants. If we don't have enough of them signed be Monday, we will be forced to cancel the trip. Please reach out to your participant or your Program Manager if you need another copy or have any further questions.