Climbing and Floating



Last week all of our 11th grade participants drove through Livingston and into Paradise Valley to Allenspur. This was a novel zone for these participants offering an opportunity to test their climbing skills and explore a new part of the mountains together.

Climbing offers BYEP'ers the ability to practice supporting each other, to work through challenging physical and mental challenges, and to have some fun outdoors together. On top of these traditional avenues of growth, Kayla and Robin designed curriculum around using climbing as a metaphor for reflection and commitment to finishing strong in relation to school, BYEP, and life. 


Under the extremely hot mid-summer sun, the Crux Program Managers decided to break for the Madison River canyon with all of our 12th grade participants.

The soon to be graduates spent the day floating down the river, soaking up some rays, and checking in and connecting with each other. Although BYEP continually focuses on cultivating skills and facilitating growth, we also recognize that sometimes the most important thing we can do is take some time to relax together and enjoy the world around us. 


Next week all Senior participants will be spending a full day together on Thursday, which means no Wednesday programming. Please check your program calendar for pick up and drop off times.