Community & Climbing



Climbing on up!

As our Crux participants continue to transition into the multi-faceted summer of service, employment, adventure and growth we spent the week at Spire Climbing Center. Many of the participants are seasoned vets in the rock climbing world, and over the years they've developed skills both in their individual abilities to climb and the way they support each other in accomplishing new goals. 

Communication and Community

Our 11th grade participants continue to roll up their sleeves and support the greater Bozeman community. This week we spent time at Beall Park with The Gallatin Valley Food Bank serving summer lunch to families. The juniors spent hours distributing food, smiles, and laughs to the building lines. 

12th graders continue to refocus their groups moving into their final session. This week we returned to a conversation about communication. Although we've talked about communication continuously over their BYEP journey, we continue to recognize how important it is to continue to practice these skills, especially as we prepare to move into the professional world.


As all of us shift and settle into our summertime routines, please remember to check your program calendars as the pick up and drop off times shift each week. Our attendance policy requires a 75% attendance rate to retain scholarships. Because we only meet once a week for the rest of the summer each absence affects the attendance rate more than during other times. Please continue to reach out to your Program Manager with any questions or clarifications.