Continuing to Grow Our Green Thumbs

11th Grade

After all their hard work and service so far this summer, the juniors had a chance to take a bit of a break and enjoy each others company through some friendly competition. With more rain in the forecast, we ventured to the Montana State University Sub to play some pool and go bowling as a giant group. Next week the juniors will be back at it in Big Sky with a community weed pull, but for this week the they passed their service duties on to the seniors. 

God's Garden

Over the years, Dale at God's garden has partnered with BYEP to offer a meaningful service project multiple times a year. Farmer Dale, as he's known by BYEP participants, manages a small farm on the outskirts of Bozeman. All of the produce harvested at God's Garden is donated to the Gallatin Valley Food Bank. This means that during their summer session, BYEP'ers have been part of the process for an entire food chain within their community. From planting and farming at God's Garden, to storage and distribution at the Gallatin Valley Food Bank, to preparation and distribution of actual meals during the Summer Lunch Program with HRDC. 

After completing their duties at God's Garden, the seniors participated in a nature walk and nature journal. Although they've spent the last several years appreciating nature through BYEP activities, we are always striving for a deeper connection through new perspectives and experiences. 


Just a reminder that there will be no BYEP programming next week in celebration of The 4th of July. Please have a safe and fun holiday!