Crux: Values


Shout out to Crosscut Ranch for teaching us how to cross-country ski!

If you had stopped by BYEP last week not only would you have seen an abundance of teenagers with cheese sticks, but also owls, hawks, and kestrels! Thank you Montana Raptor Center for coming by to educate us on conservation, we had lots of fun hanging with Bu, Chaco, and Stella!

-Last week in Crux-

Both 10th & 11th-grade groups focused on values; something that is worthwhile and important in life. How do we define our values, what influences them, and what is the difference between a want and a need? Members were guided through an activity to help them build clarity on these questions. The initiative involved M&M’s and resulted in a wonderful conversation surrounding…

What are your wants that you prioritize?

What are your needs that you prioritize?

Curious about your mission and values? Check out this video from “The School of Life” for INSPIRATION.

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