Crux: Goat Farms & Comfort Zones

This Week…

This past week CRUX 12 participants engaged in group norming and supportive initiatives during workshops. Groups spent time exploring their group identity on a deeper level and reflecting how they want to spend their last season at BYEP. Each participant created an intention for the season in hopes to spend their last "traditional" season at BYEP fully in the present and engaged


CRUX 11 spent the week exploring their thresholds of comfort. Through a series of initiatives, participants were able to identify what pushes them out of their comfort zones. Groups identified something that they want to do to push themselves outside their comfort zones in the upcoming week. Participants left this weeks workshop with the ability to identify what areas of their lives they can and want to experience growth in.

Climbing Scholarship!!

"Just under two years ago our community suffered the devastating loss of Inge Perkins in an avalanche on Imp Peak. Since then, a dedicated crew of people who loved Inge have combined forces to create a scholarship fund in her memory. ⁠

The Inge Perkins Scholarship was established to celebrate the life and inspiration of Inge by providing financial assistance to a young female rock climber living in the greater Gallatin Valley.⁠

The scholarship seeks to provide an aspiring young girl with opportunities to gain confidence through the physical, mental, and emotional growth that climbing nurtures. The goal is to develop not only stronger climbers, but community-minded volunteers and future mentors to inspire others. ⁠

We're pleased to announce that applications for the 2019/2020 Inge Perkins Scholarship are now being accepted through October 15."

If your child is interested in applying for this scholarship, BYEP is here to help you! Contact your child’s Program Manager for help or more information!

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