Crux: Reconnecting

If it was not apparent already, a good time was had by all last weekend.

This coming Sunday 10th-graders will head back to Big Sky for round two. While 11th-graders will try their hand at cross-country skiing at Cross Cut Ranch. Details on the program calendar,


Meanwhile back at HQ…..

10th-graders got acquainted with their new Program Manager and settled back into the workshop space. Members revisited the practice of gratitude, played sort n’ mingle, and had their first check-in of the season. If you’re new to BYEP, a check-in is an exercise that groups do weekly; members share their highs and lows of the week and answer a third question related to the workshop topic. This week’s third question was…

“If you could have any animal live in your pocket, what would it be and why?”

11th-graders were on a similar trajectory, groups revisited their code of honor, played yurt circle, and checked-in. When asked, participants shared what they value the most about the check-in space:

  1. Having their feelings be validated by their peers

  2. Being met with non-judgmental support

  3. Feeling a sense of belonging

Katie DiBerardinisComment