Crux: Vulnerability

…Last week at BYEP…

10th-graders got vulnerable while doing a blindfolded smell & taste exercise. The initiative required members to put full trust in their partners as they explored their mysterious brown bags. Willingly putting your hand in a foreign bag evokes similar feelings to opening up to someone. They both require vulnerability in the sense that you have to trust you’re not going to be harmed. To our joy, the activity was a success, no creepy crawlers came out of the bags, and members deepened their trust with one another.

Meanwhile 11th-graders had a guest facilitator, Kris Drummond, come by from the Dharma Center to lead a check-in centered around psychosomatics. While members were checking in they were encouraged to pay attention to what was happening in their physical bodies. We often forget that our bodies are powerful tools to learn where we are storing emotions. While members shared things such as a challenge with a friendship, Kris encouraged them to locate where they felt it in their bodies. Thank you Kris for teaching us about mind-body connecting and giving us tools on how to tune inward.


Katie DiBerardinisComment