Crux: Week Five Recap

-If BYEP were a curling team-

10th Grade

Last week groups investigated labels and stereotypes. Why do we place common labels on each other? How do they interfere with authentic connection? How do we combat labels and see each other for the individuals we truly are? To get the conversation started, groups watched, “Three Beautiful Human Minutes” .

Following the video members engaged in an initiative called, Circle of Assumptions; members generated a list of common stereotypes and unknowingly assigned each other a label on a “Hello my name is ____” sticker. Members wore them on their foreheads and treated each other based on the label. The results were uncanny as members recognized how powerless they felt in conjunction to the label they’d been assigned. This lesson is invaluable as it brings awareness towards how we can all contribute towards a culture that values individuality over labels and stereotypes.

11th Grade

11th Graders went on a field trip to MSU to learn about the Hilleman Scholars Program. The program provides high school graduates from Montana with exceptional financial and academic support throughout their four years at MSU. Much like BYEP, students enrolled in the program are empowered to work hard to unveil their potential. During their visit, BYEP participants met scholars currently in the program, got a tour of the campus, and attended an informal student panel.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy weekend!

Katie DiBerardinisComment