Crux: Week Nine Recap

Soaking up the ski season one Sunday at a time

10th-Grade: Story Exchange

Storytelling is one of humans' most basic and effective forms of communication.  The goal of sharing, shaping, and connecting is to use the magic of story to find aspects of ourselves in others, and of others in ourselves. Members spent the majority of workshop writing a chapter of their life story. The intention of the exchange was to give members the space to share something vulnerable as well as practice using empathetic responses. After the workshop, we asked participants to share one takeaway from the initiative. Some of their responses included:

“I realize everyone has gone through something”

“Everyone has a story and it's important to listen to those stories. You might find a connection with someone that you had no idea you had”

“We really don't know what people have gone through unless we decide to ask and listen”

“This activity heightened the beauty I see in everyone”

“It was cool to understand that we all have similar, but different experiences”

“I feel I learned some things about people that I may never have otherwise”

11th-Grade: Budgeting

Continuing with the theme of financial literacy, groups were challenged with creating a budget and executing a 3-day meal plan. Members were given an allowance of $15.00 a day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and had to have at least on of the meals include; a protein, grain, and vegetable. After members created their meal plan, they wrote a grocery list and headed to the store to test their budget. Members walked around the store and recorded the prices of the items on their list and headed back to HQ to see if they made the cut. Participants evaluated if the items on their list coincided with their monthly income and made the adjustments necessary to stay within their budget. #adulting101