Crux: Week of November 5th

Last week Crux 11 had the opportunity to host the Approach 10 participants that will be graduating into Crux at the end of the Fall season. Crux and Approach groups met together and discussed what their experience was transitioning into Crux and normalized the transition by creating a bridge between the two programs. This helped Approach participants understand the difference in programs and program managers. On Sunday, participants had the opportunity to finish their pottery creations at Gangbusters Pottery by glazing their pieces. 

Last week 12th Grade Crux participants had the chance to go to MSU to learn about student engagement and fun opportunities in college. We finished off the night by sharing a meal and delicious ice-cream at the new dining hall on campus! Our adventure on Sunday was at Escape Room Montana, where all participants did an amazing job solving puzzles and riddles. Teams had one hour to "solve" the rooms Mermaid's Malady and Syndrome Scientific and they all worked together to finish... and with time to spare!

Katie DiBerardinisComment