Crux: Week of October 15th

In last week's workshop with 11th grade participants, we focused on healthy relationships: with others and self. We discussed how childhood has shaped our connections, and that even though much is rooted in childhood, we can learn from our mistakes, make healthy decisions for our future, and respond like adults to adversity in relationships. 11th graders were able to play and challenge themselves on Sunday's adventure at Spire Climbing Center.

Crux 12 focused on making a documentary for BYEP Graduation with help from BYEP’s Marketing and Communications Manager, Joe Schadt. Joe joined groups during workshop to film check in’s and participants continued to prep for filming during Sunday’s adventure. During the adventure, participants paired up to interview each other. Each group picked a Bozeman location that they felt represented themselves, their group, and their BYEP experience.

Katie DiBerardinisComment