Crux: Week of October 29th


11-Grade: For our workshop last week, we wanted to normalize the conversation about drugs and addiction, so we created an intentional space with food and discussion centered around addictions and substance use. As a group, we sought to break these concepts down in an open and supportive environment to encourage participants to think deeply about their identity, their coping mechanisms, and the reality of the choices we all make each day. 

12-Grade: Last week, participants began writing the framework for their graduation speeches. Participants had a chance to free-write about some of the memorable moments that have shaped their BYEP experience and play a game that brought up some fun memories. Participants left the workshop ready to begin the emotional and physical process of graduating from BYEP.

Both 11th and 12th grade got to spend our awesome adventure making 3D prints and LED flashlights at the STEAM Lab and Children's Museum.

Crux Graduation Sunday, December 9th at 1:00 at the Museum of the Rockies!

No Tutoring Tuesday 11/13 or the week of Thanksgiving.

Katie DiBerardinisComment