Crux: Week of October 8th

11th Grade Update:

Crux 11 workshop focused on difficult experiences that have occurred in our lives and how we go about revisiting those experiences deep into our future. In addition, our Tuesday groups had the opportunity to hold an Open House. The BYEP Open House is an invitation for Donors and Community members to educate themselves on the program through the lens of a participant. Donors left the Open house feeling as though they had been transported into the world of BYEP with a deeper understanding of what the program entails and how they want to continue be involved.

Participants used their creative minds and hands to create pottery on Sunday’s adventure at Gangbusters Pottery. Ryan Mitchell lead the groups in creating pieces that participants will be able to take home and enjoy at the end of the season.

12th Grade Update:

Last week, 12-grade participants took a field trip to Gallatin College, where they gained a greater understanding of post-high school opportunities, and a deeper sense of the physical and financial steps they can take to make college a reality. On Sunday, everyone had a blast practicing self-defense with their friends at Montana Mixed Martial Arts!

Katie DiBerardinisComment