Crux: Honoring the Future Self

Winter Stoke is still High!


…Resume Building…

The focus for 10th-grade groups is professional development and interview skills. Last week members took a field trip to MSU’s business department and participated in a resume building workshop. During the workshop members learned how to organize their experiences into a resume format, and received tips on how to highlight their strengths on paper. These efforts are all in preparation for The Summer Works Program (SWP); is a collaborative effort between Gallatin Valley businesses and BYEP. Participating business provide participants with part time work for 10 weeks: June 10th – August 18th, 2019, with the hopes of introducing teens to potential career paths that may be challenging for them to obtain on their own.


…Movies & Introspection…

Groups explored the power of media while watching “Minding the Gap”; an independent documentary film that tells the story about three young men’s coming of age journey. Throughout the film, these three young men face adult responsibilities, lifelong challenges of class and domestic abuse, and come to unexpected revelations that threaten their decade-long friendship. Following the film, participants will be challenged to critically think about how the film relates to their own lives. The lesson being, the decisions we make today directly affect the results of our future. Members were left to ponder….

Are your actions and behaviors in line with your future self? Would you consider your current life path positive? If not, what could you change right now to align yourself with your future?