Crux: Welcome to Summer @ BYEP!

Summer Season Commence!

Hello Parents & Guardians of BYEP! Welcome to summer season 2019. If you are new to our blog, thanks for reading. We post here on a weekly basis with photos and highlights of what groups have been up to. Last week 11th-graders frolicked with baby goats at Farm 51, while 12th-graders tried their hand at West African drum and dance. Check out photos of the first adventure here:

Meanwhile in Workshops

The first two weeks of workshop are all about getting reacquainted. We welcome new members, revisit expectations, identify goals, and examine the groups quirks and nuances. Last week groups engaged in an initiative called, “My BYEP Group as a House.” The group was provided with a blank drawing of a house and a series of prompts. In the house foundation members were instructed to write the values they’ve gained from their participation. In the chimney, they listed all the ways in which the group manages conflict. The finished house hangs in the workshop space and acts as a compass. Over the next few months, members will be presented with opportunities to explore their identity, connect with nature, develop lifestyle goals, challenge themselves physically, and develop tools to better understand themselves and others. But first, some fun.

If you know, you know.

The online program calendar (link here: ) is the BEST way to access adventure times, locations, and specific instructions. If you’re not familiar with the system, don’t hesitate to reach out to our lovely program staff. As much as it is important for youth to feel a sense of belonging at BYEP, we want that for the people like YOU that support them as well. If you’re working towards a goal at home, let your program manager know how they can support you. If you have a piece of feedback, share it! We really appreciate the opportunity to grow and feel that guardian feedback is one of the most valuable ways to do so! Thanks for tuning in, check y’all next week!

Getting Outside, Growing Inside.