Crux: Young Professionals


Interview Skills

Continuing with the theme of professional development, this week, members had the opportunity to engage in a mock interview for their “dream job”. BYEP board members volunteered their time to come play the role of employer and conducted professional interviews for each participant. There were 4 major takeaways from the evening:

  1. Dress appropriately

  2. Be mindful of eye contact & body language

  3. Research the company, and position before the interview

  4. Have a question prepared for the interviewer

  5. Practice, practice, practice!

Shout out to Donnie, Jay, & Nigel for donating your time to these blossoming young professionals! Stay inspired.




One of the goals of the crux program is to expose participants to resources available to them post high school. This week groups took a field trip to Tabletop University where they were led through a game created to help students transition from high school to college. Participants gained insight on how to navigate friends, time, jobs, finances, and classwork and got a realistic view of what being a college student entails.