Gardening and Growing!


This past weekend Crux participants ventured in different directions. The 11th graders continued their Summer of Service by volunteering at God's Garden. Their hard work helps provide the Gallatin Valley Food Bank with fresh produce for families in our community. This summer the 11th graders will continue to give back to the community that has supported them throughout their BYEP journey.

The 12th graders traveled to The Gates of the Mountains on Sunday. Summertime at BYEP is all about connecting to nature, and this journey over the water fully immersed the participants in the beautiful landscapes of Montana. 


11th graders have been hard at work volunteering and will continue to do so all summer, so after Memorial Day we decided to take a break from curriculum and enjoy the summertime weather with a field day. All 29 participants plus mentors joined up for a game of kickball at a local park. 

12th grade BYEP'ers participated in a workshop addressing group culture. As they prepare for their last season at BYEP this fall they are working to push themselves and their groups to deepen their connection with each other and the community. Although many of these participants are seasoned veterans at BYEP, they continue to be committed to growth by tackling the challenges presented to them through the program and their life outside of BYEP. 


This weekend the 12th graders will not be adventuring on Sunday. Next week we transition into our summer schedule, which means the times we meet change from week to week. Please make sure to check your schedule each week moving forward. Thanks for reading, we will see you next week!