High Ropes and Tall Peaks!

Last week our Crux participants adventured upwards towards the sky via two separate avenues. Our Juniors traveled through Paradise Valley to Mountain Sky Guest Ranch where they supported each other through a high ropes course. The Seniors journeyed south through the Gallatin Canyon to Beehive Basin where they explored another one of the premier peaks in Bozeman's backyard.

11th Grade


Over the course of a BYEP career we head to local high ropes courses multiple times as it offers an amazing platform for experiencing challenges, committing to growth, and practicing support and teamwork. After a few hours of defying gravity and and pushing themselves outside their comfort zones with support of each other, the Cruxers all transitioned into a workshop focusing on teamwork and how practicing those skills in nature based activities translates to the real world.

Over the past sessions at BYEP participants have frequently focused on teamwork and support, however as these teens continue to grow nearer and nearer to the next transitions in their lives we continue to discuss what teamwork looks like in that evolution. During Check-In this week, Kayla and Robin posed some specific questions to the participants that helped them contemplate some of the issues they might have in the present moment as well as how to move through future transitions. The questions looked something like the following:

  • What have you done this past week worth remembering?

  • Lately, what worries you the most about the future?

  • Within the last week, when was a time that you pushed your boundaries outside of your comfort zone?

  • What is something that happened this past week that you are ready to let go of?


12th Grade

After arriving in Big Sky, the Seniors took to the trail to explore the lower ridge lines and alpine meadows contained by Beehive Basin. After spending some time enjoying each other's company, the sunshine, and stunning views of the mountains the participants took some time to reflect upon how they relate to nature, both literally and metaphorically. The Crux Program Manager team created a journal activity to guide the 12th graders in this process. In the activity, the participants were asked to a.) List an object in nature b.) list something they have in common with the object and c.) State how it helps them. After journaling participants shared with each other their unique perspectives on their relationships with nature and themselves. 



Parent Survey

Its that time of year again! Please take a second to fill out our Parent Survey so we can continue to work towards the common goal of supporting these participants in the most effective way possible. Here is a link to the survey: - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdYv2ARYvTEbvfK21Rl1wv_Eu_y6SrXAK2hlHdQbQC977A9fA/viewform?c=0&w=1

Thanks again for following along this summer, see you next week!