Schools Out!

Congrats to another completed year of school by all of our Crux participants! It's hard to believe that in a few short months we will be staring down another Crux graduation. As the school year closed out our Crux participants continued their journey into the summer. 


Green Thumbs @ BYEP

The juniors continued their service all week long partnering with the Gallatin Valley Food Bank to serve at yet another community garden. From shoveling "fertilizer" and compost to tilling and planting garden beds, the participants were a huge support in ensuring the production of healthy and nutritious food for Bozeman and Belgrade families. In total, BYEP gave about 120 hours of service to the local food bank Monday through Thursday this week. 



Last Sunday the seniors took a break from adventuring and got a chance to sleep in for their first Sunday of their last summer in high school. During workshop this week, they went back to the basics and revisited some teamwork initiatives as well as journaling about their goals for this summer and the coming sessions. Becoming an adult is right around the corner, and these 30 participants are coming around the bend!

As we move fully into summer we will be spending tons of time in the outdoors connecting with nature. Follow along for more adventures and photos over the next couple of months!