Meet Chase!

Grade: 11

Sessions in BYEP: 5

“I love being outside. Building snow forts, camping, rafting - being outside helps me feel free.

I really like being creative because it opens my mind to new possibilities. The art that I do is inspired by my grandma because she was an artist too - a painter. We would always talk about art, and by doing art I feel that it honors her spirit.”

Chase is a wonderful young man - check out his art below to learn more about him!


“BYEP made a huge difference by just being there for me. Everyone in my group actually listens to each other and pays attention. It helps me feel happy and supported - it allows me to get things off my chest.”


Fun Fact about Chase: “I can do a really good chipmunk impersonation!”


“Video games are awesome - they’re super entertaining, challenging, and make me feel happy.”


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