Meet the Team

Pete MacFadyen - Founder & Executive Director

  • Studies:  Masters of Mental Health Counseling, Montana State University (LCPC); Human Development & Psychology, Boston College
  • Previously: Dishwasher, White Water Raft Guide, Wilderness School Instructor, Group Home Manager, School Counselor, Private Mental Health Counselor
  • Hobbies: Spending time with wife and daughter, snowboard/ski, mountain bike, golf, fish, surf, and skate, dabbling in graphic design
  • Why BYEP?: "Adolescence is a really cool time period in a person's life.  I'm interested in helping teenagers who want to examine who they are, why they are here, and where they want to go."
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Katie DiBerardinis - Program Director

  • Studies: B.S. in Health and Human Development; M.Ed. in School Counseling - Montana State University. National Certified School Counselor.  
  • Previously: Middle School Counselor, Volleyball Coach, Bridger Bowl Snowsports School Customer Service Specialist (a.k.a office ninja), BYEP Mentor
  • Hobbies: Fly fishing, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, listening to music way too loud, traveling, playing volleyball, reading, hanging with my husband and furry children, and being outside as much as possible
  • Why BYEP?: "Being an adolescent is HARD.  BYEP acknowledges and normalizes that yes, life is hard but you're not alone.  BYEP provides a genuine support for kids and another person standing behind them saying, "Yep, you've got this!"  BYEP has not only discovered the magic to transform kids, but also the volunteers & staff working with them.  I love being part of something that has such a wonderful ripple effect in our crazy little world."
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Greg Smith - Approach Program Manager

  • Studies: Liberal Studies, Montana State University. Before Greg transferred to MSU he studied at Minnesota State University - Moorhead and the University of North Dakota
  • Previously: Founder of The Partnership for Student Cultural Engagement at UND, an organization focusing on service learning projects (mostly) on area Indian Reservations that worked primarily with at-risk youth. Extensive volunteering at treatment facilities in Minneapolis, Fargo, and Bismarck.  Passionate humane society volunteer, and BYEP mentor
  • Hobbies: Outdoor adventurer (snowboarding, climbing, fishing, biking), drawing, reading, is an avid golfer, and enjoys spending time with dog, Milo
  • Why BYEP?: "Though everyone is this program is so unique, I feel like I've had a lot of similar experiences as some of the participants in BYEP.  For me, one of the most important things I can relate to the world is owning my story and finding power in all of my experiences.  There are so many incredible participants in BYEP that truly inspire me everyday.  Being able to be part of an organization that creates a space for these kids to began to realize their potential by challeging themselves and supporting each other is truly a dream job for me."

Kayla Bradley - Approach Program Manager

  • Studies: Psychology, University of Montana
  • Previously: Intern at Sovann Komar Childrens Village in Phnom Penh Cambodia, Program Guide at Pacific Quest Sustainable Growth - a horticultural therapy program for at-risk teens in Big Island, HI
  • Hobbies: making homemade cards, running, yoga, cooking, spending time with friends and family, hiking, playing in the river, anything outside!
  • Why BYEP?: "I work at BYEP because I am confident that the space we provide here changes the lives of teens.  Often times life can be incredibly chaotic, and at BYEP we offer support, create a non judgmental space, find ourselves, build confidence, and learn how to be in a community.  BYEP cultivates all the things I believe in: change, growth, and love."


  • Studies: Computing & Digital Media, DePaul University
  • Previously: Managing Editor for ClickHole at The Onion, Freelance comedy writer, YMCA
  • Hobbies: Guitars, riding bikes, hiking, reading lots of Wikipedia articles on baseball, and thinking about baseball
  • Why BYEP?: "BYEP is the organization I feel like I needed growing up. When I moved to Montana and discovered BYEP, I was all in. There's nothing more powerful than giving kids the tools and confidence to empower themselves."
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