Mentor Team, you're looking STRONG


That feeling when you conquer the first adventure!


For your dedication and hard work thus far


Each and every one of you keep the BYEP world spinning. To show our appreciation we are hosting our first Mentor Appreciation Dinner of the season.

We hope you’ll join us, Sunday, February 3rd from 6:00-8:00 pm at Colombos Pizza.


Sometimes all we can do in tough moments is to show up and listen. As you are building rapport, conversing, and learning about participants keep in mind BYEP’s ten goals of the Program.

  1. Self-Esteem

  2. Locus of Control

  3. Social Interaction

  4. Curiosity

  5. Social Intelligence

  6. Gratitude

  7. Optimism

  8. Self-Control

  9. Grit

  10. Zest

    Cultivating these fundamentals, helps teens turn their challenges into strengths aka. fostering RESILIENCE

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