Pics Pics Pics (and a video)


Welcome to our new Mentor page! Sorry I’m a bit slow on the upkeep, but keeping with a growth mindset, I look forward to improving! I thought I would share some great pics of you all doing what you do best - supporting kids, having fun, and being amazing role models! Keep up the great work everyone!

Announcements - the Experticity bugs should be worked out. If not, shoot me an email or stop by my office and we’ll get you dialed in.

We are looking for 3 volunteers to help with our Pray For Snow party on Saturday, October 20th at the Rialto. Email if interested!

Mentor Appreciation Dinner is Sunday, October 28th at 5:30. If you choose to imbibe in adult beverages (21 and over yo!), your first round is on BYEP. Thanks for all of your hard work!

Watch “Don’t Quit On Me” - a great reminder of why mentors are SO important in kid’s lives. You have a greater impact than you realize. We all thank you!

Any feedback on all things BYEP? Don’t hesitate to reach out at, stop by, or give a call or text to 406-270-4375.

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