Self-Care, Self-Love

“A mentor is someone that allows you to see the hope inside of yourself.”

Hi, Mentors! How’s your self-care looking these days? In order for us to show up for participants, it is imperative that we honor and nourish ourselves first. Keep reading for tips and inspiration on how to turn that love inward.



Our inner critics can be harsh and unrealistic, next time you’re in a negative headspace, try one of these simple shifts in perspective. If that’s not your jam- take a moment to do an activity you find enjoyable— listen to a podcast, play with a dog, call a friend. Remember that happiness starts with you; it’s just as important for you to be kind to yourself as it is to express kindness towards others.



Do you have an accurate picture of the way you live your life— how you feel in your relationships, how you take care of yourself, and how you balance it all? Reflect on your last few weeks and determine whether or not you need to make some changes. Setting boundaries begins by knowing what they are. Here are three prompts to get you started:

  1. Values: What do I value? What is non-negotiable in my life?

  2. Needs: What do I need to experience that value?

  3. Actions to Honor Me: What does it look like to honor that need? What happens if it’s not met?



Give yourself permission to be human! Instead of judging yourself for various shortcomings, try being kind and understanding when confronted with personal failings. The very definition of being “human” means that one is mortal, vulnerable and imperfect. Personal inadequacy is part of the shared human experience – next time you’re feeling challenged, try imagining all of the humans in the world feeling the exact same thing as you. Curious just how compassionate you are? Take this quiz and learn how you can love yourself a little more —>


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