Hello Change Maker

BYEP mentors are SUPPORTIVE.  BYEP mentors are AUTHENTIC.  BYEP mentors LISTEN.

BYEP mentors are relatable adults, typically between 21-35 years old, who bridge the gap between adolescence & adulthood.  Through a strength based approach, mentors are committed to participant growth & connection.

Throughout the year, volunteer mentors give over 11,000 hours to BYEP's year round programming! Divided into three seasons, winter, summer, fall, mentors commit 10 hours of service a week for 10-16 weeks, depending on the season. Each 10 hour week is broken into a workshop from 4-7pm one week night and a weekend adventure that will take you skiing, rock climbing, to a yoga workshop or photography class.

Each group consists of a program manager, 2 co-mentors, and 6-8 teen participants. Each season follows a life skills development curriculum featuring a variety of topics teens are faced with.  From self-esteem to suicide awareness to building healthy relationships, high school strategies, to navigating employment for the first time and everything in between.  

"Teens come to BYEP and (as an organization) we say yes you CAN, here's how, and we'll help you." - Kayla Bradley, Program Manager.

A few words from our mentors:

"Seeing the kiddos improve their skiing so much in one season, along with seeing how they adopted the positive skills we shared with them during workshops." - Semra Jumper reflecting on some of her favorite memories with her 8th grade group.

"To put it plain and simple, I've become a better person.  Between meeting and working with the participants, my co-mentors, and the staff at BYEP, I have my own group of mentors.  They don't even realize it, but every single one of them help keep me accountable to continue making better choice." - Mark Wetstein on how he's grown as a mentor with BYEP.